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With the Snoozy Camper!

luxury tow behind camper

The Best Compact Luxury Camper

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Starting at $36,000

The Snoozy is one of the lightest tow-behind trailers in its class. Its unique fiberglass exterior makes it both fuel-efficient AND easy to travel with! The interior of every Snoozy camper is designed with luxury in mind, making it the hottest compact tow-behind camper on the market.

Choose between our Snoozy Twin model or our Snoozy Queen model, both of which offer a fantastic outdoor living experience. The Snoozy is now under new ownership, and we would love nothing more than to give you the best experience imaginable. Contact us and live the Snoozy life today!

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Jonathan Van Horn

The Snoozy proves you don’t need a big truck to go camping. They tow great and are very aerodynamic.

Lorenda Stevens

I absolutely LOVE this small trailer!! It has everything a house has. I could live in this permanently.

James Connor

I was very blessed to acquire one of these campers in May of 2018. It’s very well-built and is exactly what I need.

Live the Snoozy Life Today

With the Snoozy Camper!

Camping is better with The Snoozy! Get the best of luxury camping without all the unnecessary baggage. Are you ready to have the best outdoor experience imaginable? Contact us and live the Snoozy life today!

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