10 Tips for Camping with Kids
Tips for Camping with Kids

10 Tips for Camping with Kids


Whether you grew up loving the outdoors or have plans to start new traditions with your family, camping with kids may seem overwhelming. While camping with young children takes extra planning and preparation, it can create core memories for every family member. Let’s break down ten practical tips for camping with kids. We believe you can have the most fun camping with your young family!


1. Research, research, research

One of the most important tips is to research everything! Spend time researching destinations, travel routes, accommodations, activities, weather, packing lists, and more. The more you know on the front end, the more you will enjoy the trip when it comes. 


2. Choose a family-friendly destination

As you research for your family camping trip, choosing a family-friendly destination is important. This may look different for every family, but generally, you’ll want to consider any campsite accommodations your family may need, the difficulty of the activities, and the ease of setting up camp.


3. Be flexible

You probably know this tip as a parent, but it’s especially true for camping with kids. You may have great plans for a half-day hike, but your toddlers can’t hang after an hour. It’s okay to pivot and enjoy a low-key afternoon at the campsite. Other times, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and causes changed plans. Be up for whatever when camping with young children!


4. Bring their favorite snacks and foods

Camping is an unfamiliar environment for kids, with new sights, smells, and sounds. You can ease the transition by packing some of their favorite snacks, meals, and drinks! For example, make one morning a pancake breakfast and bring your favorite toppings! A Snoozy camper includes a microwave, refrigerator, and sink to make it easy to prepare those favorite foods.


5. Stay organized

You don’t have to be an expert camper to know that space is limited when heading out on a camping trip. So, while less is more, kids do require more items on trips. Staying organized will help ensure nothing is left off the packing list, and you can find those necessary items quickly. Packing cubes, clear plastic bins, and tote bags are all ways you can keep your gear organized and accessible throughout your camping trip.


6. Be prepared 

Similar to staying organized, when camping with kids, it’s imperative to be prepared for anything. Always have rain gear ready and extra layers for those chilly fall nights. Also, have backup food options if the planned meal doesn’t turn out. This means bringing extra water and snacks for your little ones for camping activities. Beyond physical preparedness, be mentally prepared for anything, too. A rained-out bonfire, crying kids, missed naps, and anything in between. Camping with kids takes a lot of patience and flexibility!


7. Pack familiar items

If your kids are new to camping or it’s the first few times in your new camper, bring familiar items to help them feel comfortable and secure. This could include pillows, blankets, a stuffed animal, a favorite toy, or a comfortable outfit. While it is important to pack strategically when camping, packing a few of those familiar and beloved items for your kids can make all the difference when staying somewhere new.


8. Involve your kids

For families with toddlers/preschoolers and older, get them involved in every way possible! From preparation at home to setting up camp to planning the day’s outings, involve your kids in the process as much as you can. This helps your kids take ownership and truly enjoy the outdoors like you do. 


9. Choose the right camper

There are many ways to camp, but we believe a camper is the best way to experience camping as a family. When bringing your young children along, the right camper is very important. The Snoozy is perfect for small families because it’s a compact and lightweight camper that offers the premium features that families need. 


The Snoozy Queen model features a queen-sized bed and a sleeper sofa, which is the perfect space for a family of 4. It’s easy to tow and fuel-efficient, so you can spend more time in the great outdoors with your family. 


10. Have fun!

Last but not least, enjoy every minute! Despite your attempts to plan everything out, something will go wrong, but enjoy the imperfections! If you set out on your camping trip in The Snoozy, you are in for a treat to experience a comfortable and easy camping experience. No matter what happens, have fun with your kids and make lifelong memories of spending time together. 




Camping with young kids doesn’t have to be an overwhelming trip. Follow these tips to enjoy your camping trip, and bring The Snoozy to get the most out of your camping experience! To learn more about The Snoozy and how you can live the Snoozy life, contact us today. Read what other Snoozy lovers say about the best way to camp!

Published: October 2, 2023
Author: Snoozy
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