Snoozy Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Van Horn

The Snoozy proves you don’t need a big truck to go camping. They tow great and are very aerodynamic.

Lorenda Stevens

I absolutely LOVE this small trailer!! It has everything a house has. I could live in this permanently.

James Connor

I was very blessed to acquire one of these campers in May of 2018. It’s very well-built and is exactly what I need.

John Simmons

Love this camper. It’s nice and very simple.

Jeff Coleman

A 5-star camper!

Whitney Keller

A great choice if you are looking for campers!

Beverly Brockett

Great camper!

Gordon Spencer

I am impressed!

Lorenzo Arredondo Jr.

William Stenger

James Briggs

Kathleen Valdez

Luis Enxuto

Vivian Duley

Phil Parlante

Wilma Govine

Martin Higham

Mindy Carter

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