Camper Winterization

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Snoozy Camper Winterization Process

Winterization Is Simple With Snoozy!

As with every camper, winterizing it or getting it ready for storage is a must. If you live in colder climates that get below freezing temperatures, you want to make sure you drain all of the water out of the holding tanks so they doesn’t freeze. With the Snoozy camper, this process is very simple!


Drain all of the water out of your grey and fresh water holding tanks. (The grey tank drain is under the shower, and the fresh tank drain is under the couch. Both are located underneath the camper.) We recommend that you do this on your last outing before storing the camper, as you will get most of the water out of the camper while you are traveling on the road. With the water pump on, you want to make sure you are turning the inside and outdoor shower faucets on so they stop pouring water. Don’t leave the water pump on for more than about 2-3 minutes during this process as it could harm the pump if used with no water in it.


Empty the cassette in the toilet, and always make sure to do this before moving the camper if it has anything inside of it.


Drain your hot water heater. Unscrew the cold water or white pex that is feeding into the top of the hot water heater. Take a 3/8 hose that is about 4 ft long and push down into the hot water heater. Use a shop vac on the other end and lay the hose out of the hatch door. Once you see water flowing, simply leave the hose out the hatch door until all is siphoned out of the hot water heater. This will get most of the water out of the tank.

Snoozy uses the above process to winterize our units at Snoozy HQ. There are a few things you can buy to adapt to the pex lines to make this camper winterization process easier, and we have several customers that have posted on our Facebook group about how they did it.