Frequently Asked Questions

The Snoozy Camper

What makes The Snoozy superior?

The Snoozy is made from the highest-quality fiberglass, making it both fuel-efficient AND easy to travel with! The interior of every Snoozy camper is uniquely designed with modern fixtures and luxury in mind.

Is Snoozy associated with other travel camper brands?

Nope! The Snoozy is the one-and-only travel camper you’ll ever need!

Are Snoozy campers easy to tow?

Absolutely! Our fiberglass campers are designed to be the lightest trailer on the market.

What type of vehicle should be used for towing a Snoozy?

We recommend all vehicles that tow a Snoozy are capable of towing at least 3,500 lbs.

What's the difference between the Snoozy Queen and Snoozy Twin models?

The Snoozy Queen features 1 queen-size bed while the Snoozy Twin features 2 twin-size beds. The Twin is also 200 lbs lighter and 1 foot shorter in length than the Queen.

Are Snoozys customizable?

Yes! Choose from a variety of interior flooring, countertop, and cabinet styles — as well as various add-ons and packages. The possibilities are endless!

How long does it take to receive my Snoozy camper?

All new Snoozy builds currently have a 90-day lead time. We encourage all potential customers to reserve their campers now!

Will you deliver my Snoozy or will I have to pick it up?

Totally up to you! We will gladly ship your Snoozy to you via We Haul, but you can also come pick it up yourself at our warehouse.

Do you charge taxes?

Some states will reciprocate with South Carolina, so th

Do you sell used Snoozy campers?

Very rarely, only if we’ve accepted one as a trade-in.

What should I do when bringing my Snoozy in for service?

We recommend removing all personal belongings from your Snoozy camper as well as any fragile materials such as plates. This will not only ensure nothing gets damaged during service, but will also allow our team to service your Snoozy faster and more efficiently!